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Drill Conversions

  • Double Disk No-Till Conversion
  • Double Disc Conversions
  • Depth-Gauging Press Wheel Conversions

  • Smooth Side Press Wheels
  • Row Spacing

Double Disk No-Till Conversion
This heavy built opener offers good penetration in residue type soil conditions.  The conversion is a 15" disc which runs straight and a 13.5" disc which runs at an angle to form the seed slots, which is a firmer V-shaped seed furrow for improved germination. For JD, IH.
Double Disk Drill Conversions $250.00
Gauge Wheel Bracket $50.00
Gauge Wheel $40.00
Press Wheel Scraper $30.00
Double Disc Conversions
Press wheel scraper removes wet soil buildup on tire. Change your single disc drill to double disc for better seed placement, faster ground speed, and cleaner soil above the seed trench.
JD DD Opener- Used $150.00
JD GA Whl Brkt- Used $80.00
Gauge Wheel- New $35.00
IH DD Opener- Used $100.00
Press Wheel Scraper $30.00
Depth-Gauging Press Wheel Conversions
Modern seed varieties require shallow precise planting depth. Control depth and insure moist firm soil to seed contact.
Gauge Wheel Bracket W/O Wheel $100.00
Gauge Wheel-New $45.00
Economy Gauge Wheel Bracket $40.00
JD Depth Gauging Bracket- Used $80.00
Smooth Side Press Wheels
Smooth side press wheels prevent dirt from adhering to the inside of rim. Add press wheels to your drill. This prevents air pockets from forming around the seed.
New Smooth Side PW $45.00
Row Spacing
Change the spacing of your drill to 10", 8", 7", or 6" with used parts for less. Narrow spacing will boost yields and suppress weeds.  Test show a 16%-18% yield increase in narrow-row fields, and significant suppression of cheat and weeds when seeding rates were increased.